Jakob Magiera - Launch Button

Launch Button

The Launch Button is essentially a tri-state button with fading animation between the states using jquery-powered javascript. It is most useful for launching applications from a browser, such as Java Web Start. It prevents the dreaded double-click, which would launch an application twice by accident. Download 'Launch Button' here

Here is a launch button in action:

start now!

Here is another launch button in action:

start now!

This is the code that "skins" all buttons of a certain CSS class: $(".launchJnlp").createLaunchButton( { fadeTime:200, launchingDisplayTime: 5000, image1:"launchButton/images/launch_button.png", image2:"launchButton/images/launch_button2.png", image3:"launchButton/images/launch_button3.png" }); Currently, the anchor element must have the following CSS attributes set: display: inline-block; The Launch Button needs to be created on an anchor element. For graceful degradation I recommend putting an image inside the anchor that you make transparent before creating the launch button(s): $("img[name='launchImg']").each(function() { $(this).css('opacity', 0); });